We are so pleased to have been selected by Reorient to work on the packaging for their Rose & Root product. Starting with sourcing the bottles and caps, we were entrusted to design and produce the entire package consisting of two silkscreened bottles, printed inserts, a product card, multiple labels and a custom box. 

Our work on the Rose & Root retail package has received some great accolades, winning Best of Show for Design in the VMA Showcase Awards as well as a packaging award in the International GDUSA competition.

It has also been featured in the PaperSpecs Gallery. Sabine Lenz, the founder, did a wonderful job photographing the packaging and explaining our vision. Please take a look: http://www.paperspecs.com/gallery-rose-root-packaging/

“When faced with the question of how to house our newest herbal elixirs in a box, we turned to Aslan Graphics, who designed for us a double compartment box, which unfolded and revealed its contents in a surprising and unique way. Aslan created and defined the product’s whole customer experience, from the design of the box, to the selection of our bottles, and with it, matching labels and antique-inspired inserts that were wrapped around each bottle. Our trademark botanical pattern was consistent throughout, from the print on Neenah Paper’s stipple paper to the screen-printing on the bottles. We are so pleased with the package and how it translates the luxury of our products and Eastern inspiration in a modern and compelling way.”

— Jess N., Reorient

We all love to win awards and over the years, we have been recognized in the following competitions:


BEST OF SHOW - Design: VMA Showcase Awards

GOLD - Design + Print: VMA Showcase Awards

American Package Design Award: GDAUSA (International)


BEST OF CATEGORY - Booklets: 2014: VMA Showcase Awards

GOLD - Print: VMA Showcase Awards

CERTIFICATE OF MERIT - Premier Print Awards (International)


GOLD - Print: VMA Showcase Awards

BRONZE - Print: VMA Showcase Awards


BEST OF SHOW - Print: San Francisco Gallery Impression Awards

GOLD - Print: VMA Showcase Awards

SILVER - Print: Premier Print Awards (International)


BEST OF SHOW - Print: San Francisco Gallery Impression Awards

BEST USE OF PAPER - Print: San Francisco Gallery Impression Awards

GOLD - Print: VMA Showcase Awards


BEST OF SHOW - Print: San Francisco Gallery Impression Awards

GOLD - Print: VMA Showcase Awards

GOLD - Print: San Francisco Gallery Impression Awards

About the competitions:

Premier Print Awards (International): The Premier Print Award Competition is the largest, most prestigious print competition in the world and recognizes the highest quality printed pieces in various categories from around the world. Each year, only the most worthy pieces receive Awards of Recognition, Certificates of Merit, and the highest honor—the Benny statue. 

GDAUSA (International): Sponsored by Neenah Paper, the annual GDUSA competition celebrates well-designed graphics...but more importantly the power of design to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth.

VMA Showcase Awards (Northern CA + Nevada): The VMA Annual Showcase Award is recognized as one of the most prestigious symbols of printing and design excellence throughout Northern California.

San Francisco Gallery Impression Awards (SF Bay Area): Presented by the San Francisco Club of Litho and Printing House Craftsmen, this award recognizes excellence in craft within the San Francisco Bay Area.